Bald is Not Beautiful When it Comes to Tires

Bald tires can be dangerous and even illegal in some states. Your tires grip on the road due in large part to the tread. This is especially important on wet or icy roads. The tread wears down over time, which can lead to hydroplaning and sliding. Bald tires can lead to significantly longer stopping times, possibly causing an accident.

Tread is measured in 32nd's of an inch. 2/32nd's is considered bald. Do you know how to measure yours? A tire gauge can be used if you have one. A quarter can be used instead of a tire gauge. Turn it upside down and place in the groove of the tire. Part of Washington's head should be covered. You can also check to make sure the tire's tread wear indicator bars are not even with the rest of the tread on the tire.

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